Best Stubble Trimmer Gives Men the After-5 Look

Beard has been a fashion trend for many years even some guys still think a clean-shaven look gives men a competitive advantage. Well, this is no longer way to go around. Fashion hair is becoming more common. Besides these 80’ beard styles, the stubble is one of the most popular inhabitants guided by Darwinian selection. To people who want to maintain a short beard or stubble, a best stubble trimmer is essential accessories.


The reason why people would like a short beard


The answer is simple but attractiveness. Compared with other beard styles, stubble features more masculinity while not having to seem like a lumberjack mountain man. A recent study that was voted by women shows that


According to recent studies, it was voted the most attractive look by women, and it’s really the coolest beard style to trim if you are searching for hookups.


A facial hair trimmer is built to keep your beards no matter is full beard or a short boxed beard, while a stubble trimmer is made to work most effectively on trimming and maintaining short beards, such as the 5 o’clock shadow.



One of the excellent beard trimmers on the market is the Conair for Men i-Stubble, as the name suggests, it’s specialized designed for trimming stubble. It comes with many 15 length settings, the shortest length is 0.4mm, while you can trim beard as high as 5mm. It’s the perfect kit for guys who love a 5 o’clock shadow.


The floating head and ergonomic design bestows you the ability to trim the hard-to-reach areas without worrying about the razor burns. If you have a thick beard, it also can be used to trim the outline sideburns or goatees.


It comes with a sharp and durable cutting blade. Be aware once you cut the manual down. The blades are real sharpness.


It works on the NiMH electric battery that provides power during the trimming.


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